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April 16, 2016

Amanda was honored with the title of 2016 Daughter of Bluegrass at the Daughters of Bluegrass Festival at Mossy Oak Music Park in Guyton, FL.

"I thank my family and friends that have supported me from the beginning and my band mates for all their hard work and dedication to our music" -Amanda

January 15, 2017

Hello from the Bluegrass Kitchen.  I am soooooooo over the rounds of colds that have wreaked havoc on the Cooks for the last few weeks.  Dennis started it all with a hunting trip to Mississippi.  Ethan is the last victim and having to cancel a sleepover with his best buddy next door, he requested that I make something different for dinner to raise his spirits.  He request spaghetti and meatballs?  Ethan does not like red sauce, he’s an alfredo kind of kid.  I just can't picture meatballs and alfredo??  This is what I came up with him and he LOVED it.  Dennis and Olivia were hunting and coming in late so I just saved them a plate and kept it warm in the oven, so everyone here was happy.  Click here for the full menu and recipe.  


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Photo Credit: Christina Cutts-Stevens/CDC Artistry

What's Cooking on the Cook Ranch

What's Cooking on the Cook Ranch

Upcoming Shows!!!!

April 16, 2016

Amanda, Carolyne and Crystal were all invited to join the Daughters of Bluegrass at the 2016 Daughters of Bluegrass Festival at Mossy Oak Music Park, Guyton, GA. They were thrilled to perform the Daughters of Bluegrass Finale with some of the original Daughters.

February 3-5 SPBGMA

ACKR will be meeting,  greetin' and putting in some jam time with all of our bluegrass friends.  Hope to see you there!

April 21-23 Daughters of Bluegrass Festival

Guyton, GA

Showtimes TBA

May 31 Bluegrass on the Plains

Auburn, Al

Showtime 9pm-10pm

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June 13, 2016

Amanda Cook and Kennesaw Ridge began working with Nancy Jordan of Spice of the South Booking Agency.  Ms. Nancy has worked with some great bands in the past and we look forward to working with her in 2016 and forward. 

Our newest addition to the website.  Check out what Amanda's cooking in her bluegrass kitchen.

Photography Credits:

Christina Cutts-Stevens/CDC Photography (Album and Band shots)

B Chord Photography (SPBGMA shots)

Sarah Ingram/Say What Graphic Design

Amanda Cook and Kennesaw Ridge

September 21, 2016

Amanda Cook and Kennesaw Ridge placed 2nd in the Bluegrass Island Festival Band Competition in Manteo, NC.  We want to send our thanks to Mark Hodges with Mountain Fever Records for having us as a part of his wonderful event.