• Get On Board - mix32:52
  • Pardon Me - mix12:56
  • I'm Gonna Make It - mix22:45

Photography Credits:

Christina Cutts-Stevens/CDC Photography (Album and Band shots)

B Chord Photography (SPBGMA shots)

Sarah Ingram/Say What Graphic Design



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February 7, 2016

Amanda Cook and Kennesaw Ridge won 10th spot in the 2016 SPBGMA International Band Competition.

April 16, 2016

Amanda, Carolyne and Crystal were all invited to join the Daughters of Bluegrass at the 2016 Daughters of Bluegrass Festival at Mossy Oak Music Park, Guyton, GA. They were thrilled to perform the Daughters of Bluegrass Finale with some of the original Daughters.


April 16, 2016

Amanda was honored with the title of 2016 Daughter of Bluegrass at the Daughters of Bluegrass Festival at Mossy Oak Music Park in Guyton, FL.

"I thank my family and friends that have supported me from the beginning and my band mates for all their hard work and dedication to our music" -Amanda